The Eco-Princess Festival aims to involve children in local community issues, such as sustainability. The festival also encourages the use and development of critical thinking skills and offers an introduction to academic pursuits in science, technology, engineering, math, and design. The overall mission of the Eco Princess Festival is to develop self-confidence and empowerment by promoting responsibility, courage, and intelligence.


The festival achieves these goals through interactive booths and games. The main attraction is The Royal Eco Quest, which is an activity that features 'Challenge Booths". All activities are meant to be informative, not persuasive, and the way it works is that each participant will start by receiving a small envelope to be worn around the neck. After completing each challenge, the participants get to have a recognized princess from popular culture (Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, etc.) stamp the back of the envelope like a passport, acknowledging that they have completed that part of the quest. Get all the stamps to collect a prize.


In addition to The Royal Eco Quest, the festival is hosting various vendors from around the Captial Region for a truly community-wide experience. There will also be games, entertainment, and featured speakers. It's definitely an event not to be missed!


Behind the Scenes

The idea of the RPI Eco Princess Festival was conceived and implemented by RPI student Adrienne Wilson, after reading about The Princess Festival in Utah by Ron Hatfield. The program was then proposed to and supported by the RPI STS Department and the RPI Student Union.


Many people also donated time and volunteered to help make this happen - a full list is available under "Partners".