Are boys allowed to participate?

Absolutely. None of the activities are gender-specific and the entire family will find plenty of things to do at the Eco Princess Festival.


Can adults come dressed up too?

Of course! Besides the costumed characters in the Royal Eco Quest, the volunteers for the event will wear the logo with their costume that says they are a volunteer so there won't be any confusion.


What is the educational level of the booths?

The booths have been designed to target K-5th grades, however all ages are welcome to accept the quest.


Is the event free?

The event is free but there will be optional donation buckets at the door to help cover costs. Anything extra will be donated to the Children's Miracle Network.


Why sustainability?

Not only do environmental issues connect to other social issues present in society, the same environmental issues will be present no matter where the students are. In this way the festival will not only expose the students to these important issues, it will also introduce the students to involving themselves with volunteerism in their communities in general.

Why princesses?

The festival specifically targets the princess concept because the creators recognized that while it is impossible to eradicate the unhealthy princess image that is sold to children, it can be altered to provide inspiration for ideals that will lead to successful and independent thinkers and leaders – such as STEM education, the development of critical thinking skills, self-confidence, and empowerment.


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