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The Environmental Education Center (often called the EEC for short) is a center for environmental action and education on the Rensselaer Campus. It is located in the games room of the Student Union. Beyond it's hosting EcoLogic meetings and the meetings of some other environmentally minded clubs, the EEC has a library of environmentally themed books and a demonstration EcoLounge, which showcases many of the materials and technologies which will help secure our future.

Mural in the ECC

Next Actions

  • Things to buy
    • Steal This Book
    • Earthwire subscription
  • Organizing "EEC office hours"
    • in the past, Ecologicians have held open hours in the EEC. this was partially due to the old format of the EEC, when it was often locked, but it would still be great to have people available to talk to anyone who will listen about these extremely important issues.
    • Some TAs have also held office hours in the EEC, we could encourage this as well, as a way of gaining awareness.
  • Organizing the "Stuff" pile
    • Well... we brought everything up from the basement storage, but now there are many large piles of awesome eco stuff lying about. The Union has been very accommodating so far (if giving us slight nudges, like dropping off random shelves for our use) but we should definitely get all that stored away so it is both presentable and useable
  • Decorating
    • Eco-Posters (anyone want to design some?)
    • EEC banner/explanation
    • Bulletin boards/calendars to keep tabs on projects and events going on around campus
  • Outfitting
    • One of the most important and least emphasized functions of the EEC is to provide hands on access to alternatives which are being developed. To this end, we have bought the outfitting from "eco" sources, but there is more left to do
      • Materials Demonstrations? (ie Greensulate, recycled materials, life cycle analysis, etc.)
      • Technologies Demonstrations? (ie Lighting Research Center demonstration, green roofing demonstration, bio wall demonstration)
    • Learning Stations
      • Active, hands on demonstrations of concepts related to the environment and sustainability
      • Recycled Notebook Station
    • EEC Recycling Center
      • We have been talking about making the EEC a place where you can recycle anything!
      • One good resource is http://earth911.com/


  • Content
    • this has a lot of ideas for really really cool things we could work with!
  • Buy new books for the EEC
  • High quality recycling center for the EEC
  • Come up with a better name for the EEC
  • PV for the roof of the Union [we could probably afford just enough] to power the EEC
  • make non-reusable take out containers illegal and subsidize cheaper Tupperware
  • Buy a tree mascot to compete with puck-man

EcoAction Tasks

Feel free to add more or modify these tasks as necessary! They can be small or bigger, just pick something and make it happen!


  • Notebook Making Set-up
  • Odd items recycling
    • need to talk to Environmental Health and Safety for this one

Items for the Space

  • Bulletin boards-something to put on them
  • Printer for double-sided reusable paper printing
    • there is a printer
    • need to look into getting it set up as a part of the network
    • look into how it will be secured and taken care of
  • Tables
  • Getting Internet and outlets for the space-Tara


  • Mail room art
  • Games featured artwork for the rest of the room

Meeting Minutes

Living Machine

Main page: Living Machine