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Welcome to the EcoWiki, a home for all manners and forms of environmental information, for the benefit of RPI and the world. We currently have 1,231 pages of eco-tastic things to read about, so jump in!

If you're new, don't have an account, or would like a brief tutorial, visit the Getting Started page. For help editing, including a few rules to make things run more smoothly, see the page on Editing.

  • Fall 2014 meetings: Every Monday at 8pm in the EEC
  • Subscribe to ecologic mailing lists
  • Contact Ecologic (or email our external, which is our club name (at)union(dot)rpi(dot)edu)
  • EcoLogic Google Calendar check up or subscribe to keep up on the environmental goings on at and around RPI!

Environmental groups


Ecologic is the longest-running environmental club at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Our mission is to make progress toward a greener world and educate the community about environmental issues. We run lots of fun projects and events throughout the year. Meetings are currently on Tuesdays at 8:00pm in the Games Room (downstairs in the Union). If you want to be more involved but can't find the time, try out our mailing lists as a way to keep in touch.

Student Sustainability Task Force

The Student Sustainability Task Force (SSTF) is a student-led organization devoted to promoting sustainability in all aspects of campus including education, research, operations and culture by collaborating with various clubs, faculty, staff, and administration.


Vasudha is a living and learning community with headquarters in the Nason Hall Lounge designed to bring together first year students at RPI who are interested in environmental issues. Students in this community take relevant classes such as Nature/Society, participate in cocurricular activities and field trips, and participate in outside research. We will be using this wiki to keep track of projects and keep in touch with each other. Our link with this website will allow us to get ideas and see what other related groups on campus are doing as well as protect us from Spam.

Terra Cafe

The Terra Cafe is a service provided by RPI students to enhance the community of RPI while educating our peers of the benefits of supporting the local and organic movement. This full service, sit-down restaurant, is committed to serving local and organic foods. Each week will feature a new menu with a meat option, vegetarian option, and a dessert.

It runs every Wednesday during the semester, from 11:30am-1:30pm, on the second floor of Russell Sage Dining Hall. The menu every week can be found at the Terra Cafe Homepage.

Engineers for a Sustainable World

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is a student-run organization focused on solving environmental, social, and economic problems, both in the surrounding community and the developing world. Ecologic and ESW are working very closely on a number of projects, including the Recycling Project.

ESW will be using this wiki to organize and keep track of its many projects. This is part of a recent effort to move the Ecologic Wiki beyond just issues of Ecologic, and to contain all information related to environmental issues and sustainability at RPI.

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