2008 09 05

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Meeting for the Environmental Education Center in the Union

Elly Braco and Tara Clancy met with Cameron McLean from the Union Admin Office to go over thoughts and possibilities for the space in the Union.

  • Who?
    • this was one of the first questions-we need to clearly decide what clubs are going to be creating this space, working on the upkeep, and utilizing the space
  • What?
    • One word: Awesomeness
    • Longer answer: whatever we can come up with, we've just got to work with the people in the Union to keep them posted and find proper locations for anything we want to do
    • possibilities
      • Space in between pool tables and old bowling area
      • Information/decoration/signs/posters can extend around the room and possibly the Union
      • Mural
      • Eco-Art
      • Desk with computer/possibly touch screen moved down to the games room
      • Find a space for the Living Machine
      • Combine our reading material with the reading rack the Union already has
      • Pedestals/window displays/window paint for art work
      • Recycling center
        • this has got to be worked out with the Union and E&HS due to the potential for some overwhelming items or even numbers of materials
        • redemption center would also need to be worked out to ensure it could be staffed appropriately
      • Cork boards
      • Re-paint/decorate our old bookshelves/desk