2008 09 06

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Meeting for the Environmental Education Center in the Union

  • Discussion about Union space
    • should be planned out
    • needs to look like we're serious about what we do
    • cannot look trashy (in the sense that there would be "eco-art" looking like trash all around
  • Faculty Mentor for EcoLogic?
  • Inventory from basement
    • Definitely keeping:
      • bookshelves
      • at least one filing cabinet (there are two right now...)
    • Definitely giving away/recycling/finding a new home for:
      • large metal green desk with broken drawers
      • large round table that sat in the middle of the Sage room
      • microwave
      • old broken recycling bin
      • filled e-waste bin
    • Items we'd like to get for the space:
      • Techno-Trash e-waste recycling bin
        • we've got to work with waste management and E&HS about this one
      • Lockable cabinet
        • to store notebooking making supplies
        • other EcoLogic use things we don't want to leave out

Sam Harrington says, "I might have a good home for the metal green desk and large table."