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This page is for the ECC content committee (and anyone else) to discuss the content of the EEC in the Union

Purpose of the EEC: "Sell Sustainability to the rest of the Campus"

Slogan ideas

  • Footprint shaped Stickers for walkways??? ---
  • Green/Red ideas (from Rob Chernow)

How green is red? Let's Go Red! -- Lets Go Green! Red is Going Green

  • Footprint ideas (from Rob Chernow)

Shrink your campus Footprint. How green is your footprint? Are you taking the steps to go green?

Sustainability Poster Content

Sustainability, Why Should I Care? we need applicable facts below each section and statements tying each fact back to why we should care

  • The planet's Future: If we don't act fast, Global Warming, pollution, loss of natural resources, will all become serious problems inhibiting our ability to survive
    • Species loss fact
    • Greenhouse gas numbers
    • Resource use comparison
  • Your Future: As part of the human race, and, presumably a younger member of society, you will be here for a while, these issues will effect the world dramatically in your lifetime. You have a choice right now, to ride the wave hand help to minimize the damage we do, or to sit back and wait for the waters to rise. Preemptive action to mitigate the damage and adapt our society will be far more effective than trying to adapt after the fact.
    • Rising Sea Levels fact
    • Food/Soil depletion fact
    • Meat's Huge Carbon Footprint
  • Additionally, the Raw Food Diet is naturally vegan which is inherently good for the environment considering that a study by the World Watch Institute found that 87 percent of all agricultural land in the United States is used to raise animals for food. This means that 20 times more land is needed to feed a meat-eater than to feed a pure vegetarian. A typical pig factory farm generates as much raw waste as a city of 12,000 people. The same study also found that livestock account for more than half of U.S. water consumption and cause 16 percent of the world's annual production of methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas.
    • Land fills fact
  • Your Career: The business and engineering world is changing to fit into the changing world. The industry emphasis on sustainably is growing. You can be on the cutting edge of this movement, which is infiltrating all fields of engineering. No mater what field you plan to go into, you will have a significant advantage if you can add knowledge about and/or work on sustainability projects to your resumé.
    • Green Jobs facts

What Can I do?

(second poster?) One of the biggest issues with the sustainability movement is education-- people just don't know about the many issues, so the first thing you can do is talk! talk about sustainability will everyone, especially people who have different views then you, these issues are extremely complicated and the more points of view you have, the better informed you will be. Plus you will be educating others at the same time.

Get involved, there are Several campus groups devoted to various aspects of sustainability: Ecologic, Student Sustainability Task Force, Terra Cafe, Engineers for a Sustainable World, and Vasudha.

Join our mailing list by sending an email to for up dates on events and activities relating to global warming. (((who should people email and what should the subject be to get on the mailing list)))

Read our weekly column in the Poly, "Sustainability: Inside/Outside Scoop"

On campus there are several small steps you can do to reduce your footprint -- See the "Shrinking my Footprint" board

Shrinking my Footprint Board

  • Recycle

(((what can be recycled, how?)))

  • Turn off lights

When you are not using your lights, turn them off, this means almost all of the time durning the day (you rarely actually need lights during the day, just turn them off and wait for your eyes to acclimate to the slightly lower light levels) and most of the time at night (if you are doing something on your computer, you probably don't need lights on, they are pretty much only necessary when reading or writing)

  • Unplug electronics

Transformers and even some power strips use electricity even if the devices they are powering are not turned on or plugged in, simply unplugging them when you are not using them significantly reduces your footprint

  • Get smaller portions

Did you know that _______% of all garbage at RPI is food? by simply getting smaller portions at the dining halls so as not to waste excess, you can cut this terrifying number. (((this needs more species--help?)))

  • Assess your fridge

Mini fridges are typically extremely inefficient, do you need it, can you share one with a friend? if getting a new one, try to find one that is more efficient.

Sustainability group boards

A board for each group with a description of what it does and an area to post updates and events

Name, Logo, 1-2 sentence description, contact info (how to join), space for current projects and meeting times/places

Green tech overviews

Descriptions of how different green tech works and what the pros and cons are and where it is going this could be a poster, but may be better as some sort of multimedia interactive art display

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Biodiesel
  • Ethanol
  • Hydrogen
  • Nuclear

Don't put your nukes in my backyard!

  • Geothermal
  • Hydro
  • Tidal
  • Wave
  • Methane

can be made from cow manure, sewage, dumps, etc.

Could expand to include other Green ideas

  • Composting
  • Passive Solar
  • Recycling

Note on this page

So far, this is just my ideas about content, please free free to add, delete, make suggestions, comments, etc. it is not very well thought out, I just wanted to throw my ideas out there, editing and details and facts would be extremely appreciated. I put information that I specifically need in (((triple parenthesis))) -Anasha