Earth Fest 2009

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Earth Fest is the main event that Ecologic puts on every year. In years past, we have served veggie burgers and solar smoothies, made and gave out recycled paper notebooks, ran paint-a-pot pot-a-plant (which is exactly what it sounds like), knitted plastic-bag clothing, hosted live bands, and displayed the culmination of Face the Waste. It's always a fantastic time!

Earth Fest is the time when we'll do a bunch of awesome miscellaneous-type fun awesome projects that are awesome. And fun. Some of these include paint-a-pot pot-a-plant, and tie-dying t-shirts! and other things that probably should not be tie-dyed!!

To Do

Food (Molly)

  • EcoCooking Fest!
    • We're making the food ourselves on Wednesday afternoon thru evening
    • Vegetarian potstickers and tamales
  • Other contractors
    • Vegan Creations?
    • Did anyone contact these people about getting cakes?
  • Solar Smoothies
    • Need supplies (probably Thursday or day of)
    • Need blenders!

Muzak (Ciara)


  • Open Mic for the first hour?
  • Plastic Dance Prophecy
    • Britney is in it. She is crazy.
  • John Ashtone? someone.
  • Golden Hearts?
  • Other bands?

To Do

  • Contract with UPAC Sound
  • Make sure we have all the sound ordinance stuff in place
    • Talk to Union people


Paint-a-pot pot-a-plant

  • Get plants, pots, other supplies at Lowes
    • Organize trip to Lowes
  • Also need to recharge paint, paint brushes
  • Schedule a trip! Next week some time!

Solar smoothies

  • Figure out how much we need to buy
  • Find a few blenders

Notebook making

  • 'Nuff said

Tie dye (Britney)

  • Britney is in charge of figuring out how to do this
  • She needs to get us buckets
  • And organize everything
  • Kiersten is a master of tie dye and has volunteered
  • RHA (and Anasha?) are doing tie-dye for EcoHall Challenge
    • Talk to them about using their stuff

Set up

  • Rain location
    • Great Hall in DCC
    • McNeill room or somewhere else in the Union
  • Talk to Michael Conroy about reserving the DCC great hall in case of rain
  • Talking to Mark Smith about reserving the space in front of RSDH
  • We have reserved four tables, in the Union west lobby, for the day. We need to return them ASAP after we're done.


  • Project lead: none yet
  • Date: Friday April 24th, 2009


  • Hannah
  • Britney
  • Jamie
  • Frank


To sign up, click edit --->> then add your name under the time you would like to help out with.

10:30am-Noon (set up) 12pm-1pm 1pm-2pm 2pm-3pm 3pm-4pm After 4pm (clean up)
  • Ciara
  • Ciara
  • Anasha
  • Frank
  • Jamie
  • Molly
  • Hannah
  • Anasha
  • Frank
  • Jamie
  • Kat
  • Anasha
  • Jamie
  • Zack
  • Anasha
  • Frank (after 3:30)
  • Zack
  • Anasha
  • Frank