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Earth Week is a week-long (or longer) celebration of the Earth and the environment, in order to get environmental sustainability into the hearts and minds of the RPI community, and to have a ton of fun at the same time.

The current iteration is Earth Week 2013, which will happen April 12th.


Main page: Category:Earth Week 2010 events see also: 2009 events

Calendar (edit)

Main page: Earth Week 2010 calendar

Below is a calendar of Earth Week 2010 events. You may also be interested in Category:Earth Week 2010 events.

Friday April 16

Saturday April 17

Sunday April 18

Monday April 19

Tuesday April 20

Wednesday April 21

Thursday April 22

  • Earth Day!

Friday April 23

  • Relay for LIfe
    • Starts at 6pm
    • How can we collaborate?
      • Recycle@relay?
      • Talk about connection with environment

Saturday April 24

Sunday April 25

Events to be scheduled

  • Earth Fest
    • Does Friday work even though Relay For life starts at 6pm? (probably not an issue??)
    • Would Earth Day its self be better?
  • Green Drinks
  • Real Food Day
    • Wed. could be good because of Terra Café
    • Monday could be good if Sodexo would do a meatless monday
  • Ideas from SSTF Green Festival:
    • Make Art, Not Trash (or Trash Talk)
      • focuses on re-use (but can have stuff about the other 3Rs), trash art, and other fun ways to deal with consumer waste. Activities should stress the financial and environmental benefits of re-use by suggesting alternatives to trashing products and packaging.
    • Green isn't just a color you wear... (needs an actual name)
      • focuses on clothing, organic cottons and alternative fabrics (like hemp), and greening laundry. This day will be particularly helpful in reminding people that sustainability has equal financial, environmental and social interests through stressing financial savings and perhaps through partnering with other groups on campus to donate clothing or find a use for old clothing.
    • Green Eggs and Ham: How to eat green while saving green
      • focuses on food and how to cook and eat in a more sustainable and healthy way. Activities should stress the benefits of buying produce (preferably local or organic) including health and environmental benefits, ways to reduce food budgets while improving food quality, and the benefits of seasonal produce. Collaboration with Terra Cafe would be helpful.
    • Be an Energy Star (also needs a better name)
      • focuses on consumer energy usage by stressing ways students can save money easily. Topics can include things like winterizing off-campus apartments, reducing water consumption, cost savings of reducing utility bills, vampire electrical loads and saving money with refrigerators and water heaters.


  • Anasha Cummings
  • Please add yourself to this list if you want to help out!

To Do list (edit)

This is a to do list for Earth Week 2010

  • Add all events to Earth Week 2010 calendar
    • Send Cameron tentative Earth Week schedule
  • Find someone to lead Navigating the Farmer's Market
  • Coordinate with SSTF
    • Find currently planned events for Earth Week
    • Put them on the wiki!
  • Coordinate with ESW
    • Find currently planned events for Earth Week
    • See if they want to sponsor/run any project idea we have so far
  • Coordinate with Terra Cafe
    • Find currently planned events for Earth Week
    • See if they want to sponsor/run any project idea we have so far
  • Define points of contact for each of the groups we're organizing with
  • Decide if we want to do Dumpster Diving this year
    • Find someone to lead it if we do
  • Start planning for Tie Dying at Earth Fest
  • Determine logistics for non-alcoholic Green Drinks
  • Get every possible volunteer onto the "people" list, above
  • Ping Barrett about the Waste audit event; is it even happening?
  • Contact Local Organizations

Groups helping with Earth Week

  • EcoLogic
  • SSTF
  • ESW
  • Terra Cafe
  • Sodexo

Other Potentially interested Clubs/Organizations:

  • Solar Race Car
  • Society of Environmental Professionals
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Community advocates
  • Arnold Air Society

Local Community Businesses/Organizations to contact: See also: Local Organizations

  • Capital District Locals's First
  • Capital District Community Gardens
  • Pioneer Troy Food Coop
  • Troy Farmers' Markets
  • Troy Bike Rescue
  • Empire Solar Store
  • NY Agricultural Land Trust
  • American Farmland Trust
  • Hudson Valley Seed Library
  • Save The Pinebush