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The EcoWiki began in the Spring of 2007, to enhance collaboration, organization, and communication among Ecologic members, as well as provide some form of institutional memory for future generations. Recently it has been refocused as an environmental sustainability wiki for all members of the Rensselaer community and all things environmental at RPI.

Ecologic wants this wiki to become a store of environmental knowledge for everyone on campus, specifically the environment on and around campus, as well as a collaboration tool for other ecologically-related clubs and organizations.

Why a wiki?

A wiki is, simply, a website that anyone can edit. It allows collaboration in content generation and organization. Successful wikis have communities that grow up around them, and one supports the other. This is a perfect model for Ecologic, and more generally for environmentalism at RPI. Having a shared memory of environmentalism on campus supports the creation of a robust community of sustainability.