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Ecologic is the longest-running environmental club at RPI. Our mission is to make progress toward a greener world and educate the community about ecological issues.

Ecologic Logo

What we do

Ecologic's mission is twofold: campus greening, and environmental education. We seek to make the world a better place starting with with RPI, both by moving the campus along a path toward sustainability, and by teaching people how they can apply these principles to their lives. Every spring around Earth Day, we hold EarthFest to showcase sustainability efforts at RPI, teach campus community members that environmentalism is fun and possible, and celebrate the Earth. During the academic year, we go on apple picking and hiking trips to get outside and build the tight-knit community that is our club.

We organize all of our Current Projects on a single page so it is easy to get involved.

Ecologic keeps a list of Meeting Minutes so anyone can catch up if they miss one.

About Ecologic

Mission statement

Main page: Ecologic Mission Statement

Ecologic is in the process of writing a new mission statement. Why not help us out?


Ecologic meets for half an hour a week to discuss projects and events. Events and extra meetings to further projects take place outside of regular meetings.

Current Officers

  • President - Fiona Phillips-White
  • Vice President - Natalie Yap
  • Treasurer -
  • Secretary - Kyle Ritchie


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