Ecologic Meeting April 10, 2012

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Earth Fest

  • 10 tables for Earth Fest
  • We're the only ones who need electricity

Current State of the Environmental Movement

  • Localism, etc., becoming more mainstream
  • More about people, not just land and trees
  • Not activist enough (reflection of RPI)
  • Not enough coordination between groups
  • People don't really think/know of reasons to be "green"
  • Environmental movement has come a long way, though some silly arguements against (ex. climate change deniers)
  • Political climate in terms of environment not very good
  • Transition towns
  • Sense of entitlement
  • Obsession with development
  • People too smart or not smart enough?
  • Nobody knows anything
  • New strategy? Work from bottom-up (is US too big?)
  • Freedoms


  • Zack
  • Elizabeth
  • Marissa
  • Jay
  • Chauncey