Ecologic Meeting April 12, 2007

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Step It Up

  • Poster making
    • 5 o'clock in the McNeil Room

Radio Address

Community Service Meeting

  • Bev attended representing Ecologic
  • They wanted to know if Ecologic wants to get involved in...
    • Blood Drive?
    • Park clean up?
  • Bev is going to figure out what we're doing and send an email

Earth Fest

Meeting in the EEC Tuesday at 4!!! (Solar test day)
  • Honest Weight Food Co-op wasn't willing to donate food this year
  • Need to get food
    • 200 dollar budget
    • smoothie stuff, solar cooker food, (vegan apple pies)
  • Need to reserve the location
    • Jean Purtell's office, 3rd floor Union