Ecologic Meeting April 12, 2011

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  • Upcoming
    • Greenpeace facebook World Record Attempt
  • Van Jones Lecture
  • Ecoquest
  • Tshirts


  • =World Record Attempt=
  • Facebook thing
  • Jay is going to send out more info to the Ecologic Facebook group

Van Jones Lecture

  • Several people went
  • Jay talked to someone about the Living Machine
  • We need to get dirty water for it
    • The dirty water will come clean because of the plants in there
  • Can't be tap water

Vasudha update

  • See Vasudha Council Meeting 4/11/11
  • DFWI
    • Testing amount of oxygen in the water
    • Watched Dirt
    • Went on a hike
    • Jay watched Starcraft
  • We have dirt from Lake George to add to the Living Machine
  • Potentially go to Lake Gorge over summer


  • They finally came!!
  • We should all wear them to EarthFest

Upcoming Film Screenings

  • UPAC film and Fresh
  • Zack should do FB events
  • Elizabeth should make posters for the movies


  • Getting dean's excuses for classes during EarthFest
    • Should be done ASAP
  • EarthFest is next week
    • Ground Zero needs to be contacted ASAP
  • Notebook making
  • Most people can make it to EarthFest


  • Solar granola
  • Solar smoothies
    • Maybe change name to vegan smoothies?
    • Maybe wash spoons so we don't have to use non-reusable spoons
  • Fruit with peanut butter?
  • Farmers market cheese and dip and some kind of cracker
    • Union farmers market
    • Figure out farmers market order
  • Get a blender


  • Need: water, bleach, vinegar, spray bottle, stencils, hangers
  • Should do tie-dye also
    • Rubber bands, plastic bags (meal to-go bags), clothespins

This is Not Trash

  • Teach people about what is and what isn't recyclable
  • Prizes

To Do

  • Facebook events for EarthFest and This is Not Trash
  • Jay should contact on-campus groups

Green Roof

  • Everyone sign up for Friday 4-6
    • It's full
    • Talk to Rachel


  • Jay
  • Nikki
  • Marc
  • Elizabeth
  • Lydia
  • Jen
  • Zack