Ecologic Meeting April 15, 2008

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People attending

  • Mark Santos
  • Beth Gondeck
  • Sam Harrington
  • David Jendras
  • Aaron Kendall
  • Heidi Embrechts
  • Frank Tobia
  • Bev Bendix
  • Sarah Parks
  • Ben Cohen
  • Ben Hunt
  • Scott Dugas
  • Elly Braco

Face The Waste

  • Ben Hunt gave an update on Face the Waste
    • (Add what he updated us with)

Everyone should sign up for hours in face the waste, there are 532 slots, so you should sign up, even if it's just for one of them.


Hey, the semester's almost over, so elections are coming up (4/29); so you may want to think about getting into a position of power. As a reminder, here are the current officers:


Lot's of chaotic planning for ecologic.