Ecologic Meeting April 19, 2007

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Community Service

  • This Saturday, park cleanup, 10am-1pm

Renewable Energy Kiosk

  • Waiting on the ethernet cable for the laptop in the VCC
  • Meeting in the Union to secure the kiosk either Friday or this weekend
  • Ideally it would be easy to get the kiosk talking to the server, but I think it'll take much more work.

Terra Cafe

  • Mothers in the Union, 12-2pm, Wednesday April 25

EcoHall Challenge

It's doing well. Crockett is still way ahead.

Earth Fest

  • Studmonkey 5-7pm, and a speaker system before that
  • Frank will pick up pies on the day of Earth Fest
  • 9am on Saturday, field trip to the Farmer's Market to buy food