Ecologic Meeting April 2, 2009

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Kilowatt Event

  • Friday in the DCC from 12-2pm
  • Measure how much energy appliances use

Accepted Students Day Activities Fair

  • Saturday April 4th
  • Collect printer cover sheets and bring them to the EEC over the next few days so we can make recycled notebooks
  • Set up at 11:45, volunteers are needed throughout the day

Earth Week

  • Face the Waste
    • We plan to adopt a cube
  • Possible vegan cookout post-Earth Week
  • Sustainability Design Charrette
    • Friday 4/16-Saturday 4/17 (same day as Relay for Life)
    • Find ways to green the institute
    • Dr. Jackson will be in attendance


Prepared for Accepted Students Day

  • Made recycled notebooks
  • Got the Envirenss ready for distribution

Designed Kilowatt posters for Friday’s event