Ecologic Meeting April 26, 2007

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  • Elections are next week, this week was nominations
  • If people want to be nominated, put it on the wiki or email us
  • Check it out on the election page: Election 2007

EcoHall Challenge

  • Challenge ends during Spring Fling, next Wednesday
  • Need to plan an ice cream party for the winner
  • Probably going to be Crockett
    • We'll hold it inside the winning hall
    • Aim for Friday afternoon/night, because on Wednesday they'll have a bunch of free food anyway
  • We also should get them something else, something cool that they'll want
    • Still looking for ideas


  • We still have a good deal of money left in the budget
  • If anyone has ideas of things to spend it on, to better the EEC or do something ecological, let us know!

Relay for Life

  • Ecologic is planning a recycling station
  • Any Ecologic member there should let Sam know if you're available to help out


  • At the VCC Help Desk, they have quarter-sheet recycled-paper notebooks
  • We should investigate to see where they get them, and how to make them