Ecologic Meeting April 29, 2008

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  • Saadia Safir
  • Audrey Newcomb
  • Bev Bendix
  • Frank Tobia
  • Sam Harrington
  • Heidi Embrechts
  • Tom Vancor (and his llama friend)
  • David Jendras "Captain Planet"
  • AK
  • Scott Dugas

Positions ?

Do we really want to keep the same hierarchical structure

  • Tom took issue with the concept of having a "president"
  • Sam thinks we should decentralize, and a different person should run each meeting
  • Saadia thinks having someone in charge is necessary to keep the club from imploding

A pre-meeting agenda/schedule would be pretty nice, especially if we do the rotating mailing list.


Main article: Election 2008

Ecologic's elections this year were uncontested. Those attending voted unanimously to elect everyone on the Election 2008 page to interim positions pending an enactment of a new governance structure for Ecologic (and hopefully contested elections). And there are still a few empty positions.