Ecologic Meeting April 30, 2013

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  • Picnic at Prospect deets (not the bug spray! that's poisonous!)
  • What shall we do next semester (besides have fun!)?

Meeting outside!

Picnic on Thursday of next week- The 9th

  • Possibly 11-3 people can come and go as please
  • Can get food from Uncle Sam's
  • Getting $50 worth of stuff, SSTF is going to get other stuff
  • Some stuff can be put in Elizabeth's fridge
  • Can make it an open event to encourage new members, but maybe not too open
    • Possibly change location to something closer than Prospect Park?
  • Keep an eye on the weather
  • Food:
    • Sandwiches- PBJ, other varieties
    • Watermelon (Cut at Elizabeth's apartment)
    • Salads, i.e. potato salad
    • Possibly apple cider from Farmer's Market
    • Dairy free ice cream bars, if enough
    • Trail mix
    • Fruit salad
    • Hummus
    • For sandwiches:
      • Bread (Oat bread)
      • Free range meat
      • Vegan cheese
      • Veggie meat subsitutes
      • Lettuce
      • Tomatoes
    • Only Elizabeth has allergy restrictions
    • Ask STSF to buy extra of stuff or what we can't afford
  • Buy enough for 15 or less
  • Make facebook event for counting people who will be there
  • Elizabeth wants to do something special for seniors
  • We have $60. Try to stick within 50 just in case it goes over.
  • Go shopping next meeting, probably meet earlier at 5 if everyone is ready to go

Officer Stuff

  • Exchanged phone numbers and g-mails
  • Established new officers on google calendar

Meeting next fall

  • Next semester possible time of 8 on monday nights