Ecologic Meeting April 5, 2007

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Earth Fest

Earth Fest is coming up really soon!
We need to get ready!
  • Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd
  • Earth Fest is from 3-7pm on April 23rd
  • Food!
    • Tara and Sam are going to start calling around to co-ops and the vendors who came last year
    • We're going to try and bake a bunch of vegan pies
  • Kiosk ribbon cutting
  • Solar powered smoothie booth!!!
  • Solar cooker
    • We should make another solar cooker there
  • We need to get a band, anyone who knows should start asking around
  • How do we reserve any large amount of space? Holden's asking.
  • We'll probably need tables and chairs too
  • Steve's going to make posters for next meeting
  • We have credits for advertising in the Poly, someone should work on that
    • Steve is in charge of all advertising for Earth Fest

Renewable Energy Kiosk

  • Meeting on Saturday, 9:30am
  • The kiosk computer will be set up for Tuesday

Step It Up

  • Saturday, April 14, 2007
  • We're going to advertise
    • But the posters need work, so someone will have to redo them

Terra Cafe

  • Sam and Elly want help to get their business plan off the ground
  • It's going to be a one-day-a-week student-run cafe in Mothers in the Union
  • Planned to officially start next year, but there is going to be a trial run later this month... stay tuned for a free food opportunity!!!