Ecologic Meeting April 6, 2015

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  • EarthFest
    • Only two more meetings after today!!
    • Please contact clubs if you signed up (Seriously!! Need a finalized list ASAP!!)
    • Please sign up for time slots on the day
    • Who will go shopping? When?
    • Set up who will be where at tables
    • Facebook event:
  • NRB event
    • Anyone want to sign up to volunteer? (Will make google doc)
    • Any suggestions for what should be done?
  • Accepted Students Day
    • On the 11th (Saturday)
    • Come by if you can


  • Earthfest
    • Keep Habitat for Humanity towards front
    • Tabling
      • Availability in Drive doc
    • People for set-up and clean-up!
    • Shopping
      • Alex - Good Diana - Always Good Kyle - After 3 (For Wed.)
    • Facebook event!!
  • NRB
    • Volunteers?
      • Figure out when we know schedules
  • Tour of themed Housing - Give out stuff for environmental clubs!!
  • Hey Red, Go Green soon
  • Drop & Swap