Ecologic Meeting April 9, 2009

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Ice Breaker

Name and favorite outdoor activity that does not use electricity


Earth Week Hike moved to 4/25

Sustainability Charrette

  • 2pm Friday 4/17- 5pm 4/18, design charrette
  • Can do both Sustainability Charrette and Relay for Life
  • open to everyone, finding ways to make campus sustainable for the future
  • Register by 4/13

Movie night on the side of Cary Hall, next Tuesday

Earth Week

PR (getting word out about Earth Week and events; during Earth Week, advertising for Ecologic)

  • Posters, Concerto, Poly Ad

Asthma files

  • Short, eye catching slideshow that demonstrates how environment affects people with asthma. How global warming plays into it.
  • Possibly be presented during Global Greening

Global Greening

  • Students are presenting their projects and research that have to do with the environment, global warming, etc.
  • On Thursday April 23rd from 6-8pm in the Welcome Lobby of the Union, students from clubs, academic classes, and research groups will present their innovative approaches to environmental and conservation issues. The event will include displays and demonstrations and hopefully raise awareness to a broader audience to efforts to achieve a more sustainable and healthy environment. Refreshments will be provided.
  • This expo is open to anyone on campus or in the community to present at. If you would like to present or get involved in any way please email Liz Anthony at If you would like help developing any ideas or have would have any needs that need to accommodated, we would love to help also. Also, if you know anyone involved in any kind of environmental or sustainability research or project, please forward this email to them.


Digital design, handwritten posters, Earth Fest