Ecologic Meeting August 28, 2012

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  • Icebreaker: What made you interested in helping to solve environmental problems?
  • Pick a Project--everyone bring an idea for a project or an event!
  • Small group discussion: need to plan
  • 2012-2013 Ideas


Who is yo?

  • Elizabeth, PREZ, Sustainability Studies, JR
  • Nikki, VPREZ, Math/FERA, CO-TERM Yr 5
  • Jenn, Trez, Physics, SR
  • Amanda, Chem Eng, SR
  • Nailah, Biology, FR
  • Jessica, Env Eng, FR
  • Ariana, Elec/MEch Eng, FR

Gorge Trip on Monday, meet at Games Room at 12

Ideas mah homies?

  • Apple Pickinggggg!
  • More Gorge
  • Get Tofu Tim Vegan food thing?
  • Sustainable Food Guide: Options Available at different dining halls, cafes, yaddaaaaaa
  • Vasuda Lounge Study Nights
  • Fall Lake George
  • Thanksgiving Dinner with that local grub
  • Joke Gift Exchange: Cheap and Sustainable yooo
  • Gardeny
  • Ecologic Movie Night: Avatar, Dances with Wolves, Gasland, Fresh EVENT
  • Sustainability Film Series Movies on Sept 30, Oct 14, Nov 11
  • Saturday Sept 22nd Sustainability workshop
  • Troy Bike Rescue: Build A Bike, and can get one too!
  • Saturday Oct 20: Story Harvest *Bread and Puppets Theatre (papermache)
  • EMPAC Earth Day drum walk, soundsss cooooooool
  • Troy Clean Up, help them streetzz get clean (USE GLOVES)