Ecologic Meeting December 2, 2013

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  • Ideas for next semester
    • EarthFest
    • Another bake sale?
    • EJ mini conference
  • Plans for study days movie night!
    • The Lorax
    • Which night is best?
    • Gift exchange??
  • Meeting time for next semester--8pm Monday?

Meeting Minutes

  • Attendance: Elizabeth, Diana, Jesse, Sherese, Natalie, Marissa
  • Lorax viewing at 7 on Monday in Vasudha Lounge
  • Gift exchange in January (recycling gifts)- Details on facebook group
  • Meeting times next semester: 8 p.m. Monday
  • Princess Fest starts at noon

Ideas for next semester

  • Elizabeth is not doing everything
  • EarthFest
    • Willing to add new booths
    • Outside organizations
    • Other clubs that aren't necessarily environment
    • Need to create a donation policy
    • Need a rain date this year
    • During GM week or not?
    • Discuss more as we get closer
  • Possible bakesale
  • Environmental Justice Conference, under SSTF name
  • Reception/dinner
  • Gorge trip
  • Troy Bike Rescue
  • Have a booth about sustainable food and eating, with food from Farmer's Market, under SSTF name
  • Clearwater, potentially
  • Eco-craft fair

Elizabeth To-Do List

  • Reserve Vasudha Lounge for Monday