Ecologic Meeting December 3, 2009

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Ice Breaker

How did the food co-op go?

  • Raised a small amount of money ($6 after paying off ingredients)
  • It was on the weekend so not that many students walking by
  • Troy food co-op was fun
    • Should make trips to the food co-op


EcoQuest won't get started until next semester No facebook page up yet EcoQuest is a game/environmental tip generator through concerto

  • Each day, EcoQuest has a task that someone can do
  • Examples: Eat trayless, find something you can recycle, turn off the lights, etc.

Goal to get people think about their impact and change their behavior in a fun way Ideas for EcoQuest

  • Reuse a piece of paper
  • Don't eat meat for a day (or choose chicken not beef)
  • Shut off lights
  • Shut off water while brushing teeth & shaving
  • Wash dishes w/ less hot water
  • Use reusable grocery bags
  • Carpool
  • Buy local stuff
  • Use public transportation
  • Go a day w/out buying anything
  • Go a day making minimal waste
  • Go to farmer's market
  • Turn off laptop when you aren't using it
  • Dispose of electronic waste responsibly
  • Take batteries and ink cartridges to EEC
  • Turn off christmas lights at a certain time
  • Go to Terra Cafe
  • Share refrigerators with someone else
  • Plant a tree
  • Give a biker a high five
  • Compliment people for doing the right thing


  • Graphic Design for Concerto
    • Make it distinct, catchy, and stylized
    • Get pictures of people doing the right thing for the ad ("This person got 2 points for doing today's ecotip!")
      • Professors, Tofu Tim, etc.
  • Facebook group/page
  • Plan on how to encourage people to do it
    • Prize?
    • Teams competing for a prize?
  • Put on the Wiki - EcoQuest


End of Semester Hiking Trip - If interested, contact Sam Harrington at Ecologic Budget

  • Kristine going to ask for money to get better facilities for waste in the EEC
  • Kristine is working on deleting programs that are taking up the budget
  • Think about budget for next week

Next Semester

EcoHall Challenge

  • Need to work with RHA - Jay is point person for RHA

Earth Week

  • Need to start organizing it

SSTF is doing a sustainability week (around Valentine's Day) Envirenss

  • Jay has looked at previous ones for ideas
  • Needs people to collaborate with him