Ecologic Meeting December 4, 2008

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  • Send articles to Hannah

EcoHall Challenge

  • met with RHA
  • Trying to make it 6 weeks instead of 7
  • Start planning Kick-off event
  • RA programs
    • Open for suggestions
  • Committee will start next semester
    • meeting first Sunday of January after we get back for anyone interested
    • Add to ideas discussion page EcoHall Challenge

Ecologic Parties

Wiki Party

  • Tuesday, 12/9 at 1pm Illium café


  • Party 2PM on Wednesday 12/10 in the EEC
    • Improve already spiffy posters, possibly rearrange layout, add content
  • Plan for open house for next semester
  • EEC is a great place to study for finals

Field Trips

End of semester hike

  • Saturday 12/6 @ 10AM
  • Pack a lunch
  • Tibbits State Forest

Veggie Mobile

  • After the hike on Saturday, the Veggie Mobile will be stopping in Troy from 3-4pm

Next Semester

Meeting format

  • Next semester we would like to try out the meeting format we adopted in the beginning of this year, where each day someone brings in something fun/educational to share with the group
  • Brainstorm over break for fun things you can do
    • Hold an open house and have activities promoting environmental awareness

Terra Café

  • The Terra Café will need volunteers next semester for their greenhouse project


If you haven't already, you should join the Ecologic groupon Facebook