Ecologic Meeting February 14, 2012

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Brunswick Discussion

  • Interesting to hear both sides of story
  • Some bias though
  • Cool to hear about Troy area in the film
  • Film had a lot of emotional draw
  • Started out with the guy who developed the land looked good, then started looking worse and worse
  • Politics of keeping visuals vs. money for farmers
    • Maybe community could have bought the land
  • What if the film had featured a farmer who wanted to sell his land for 2 million dollars instead of that other guy?
  • There is plenty of housing in Troy, people could move there
  • Traffic
  • People like huge houses
  • Side discussion about the best city
  • Farming not economic anymore
  • Farming needs to be more valued in our society

Hydrofracking Discussion

  • We probably can't make it safe
  • Too risky
  • Let's concentrate our efforts elsewhere
  • Keystone XL pipeline
    • Very bad idea--what about terrorists? leaks?
  • Political candidates--some are anti-science
  • We used to use candles, now we use oil, we could use something else
  • Limited supply of oil
  • We should find a national geographic special about oil running out that Zack remembers watching

Population Discussion

  • Women's rights, empowerment and education of women


  • Zack
  • Jen
  • Elizabeth
  • Marissa
  • Tyler
  • Chauncey
  • Jay