Ecologic Meeting February 15, 2011

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Old News

  • To do check ins
  • Vasudha Update (Elizabeth)

New News

  • Exitrip workshop?
  • Talk about TGIF push
  • RSA Hey Red, Go Green


  • Postering for the STS film series

Old News

  • Marc didn't meet with Sodexo yet
  • See Council Meeting 2/14/11
    • The showing of King Corn will be changed to March 4th

New News

  • Jay told us about Exitrip
  • TGIF
    • $5-$10 contribution from each student
    • Used in a fund to support sustainability projects across campus
    • It has to be given to people who are really doing the research to determine if a project is effective or not
    • Still just a concept-details need to be worked out
    • Ecologic will help with PR
  • RSA Hey Red, Go Green
    • Ecohall Challenge
    • We should be very involved in it and help with publicity
    • We should go to RSA meetings (Sundays at noon) and offer to help

To Do

  • Jay needs to find out when exactly the RSA meetings are and send that out to Ecotalk
  • Send out a whenisgood for King Corn (Elizabeth)
  • Put up more posters (Everyone)


  • Elizabeth
  • Anasha
  • Dan
  • Shwetha
  • Jen
  • Lydia
  • Nikki
  • Marc
  • Jay