Ecologic Meeting February 18, 2010

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Speaker - Professor David Hess

  • Green Technology, Green Jobs, other Green Projects
  • Venus Effect
    • runaway global warming: similar to the planet Venus and its trapping of greenhouse gases
  • Writing a book on localism and local foods
    • Debate on food miles - what uses the least amount of carbon
    • Farmers' Markets generally decrease
  • Move your money video
    • Move your Money
    • been used by localist movements to encourage spending on small businesses
    • If you're spending money on a chain such as Wal-Mart 75% of your money goes corporate where as when you spend locally, only 25% will go corporate. The profits made by the business will stay within the community
  • "Democracy"
    • The rich elite is squeezing the middle class
    • The Democrats are more progressive but they are also the party of Wall Street
    • At the same rate the Republicans are invested in brown energy (oil, natural gas) and the two elites compete: one with energy and the other with finances
    • We see the prospect of spiraling inflation in the future of the U.S.
    • As long as you can control the senate, you can control what motions go through and don't
  • Environmental reform requires democracy

Ice Breaker

  • If you were 60 years old and looking back on your life, what would you have done to make a difference in the environmental movement?
  • Who is your hero? Who inspires you?