Ecologic Meeting February 1st, 2011

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  • Winter break catching up
  • Introductions
  • Budgeting
  • Pack the Union (this weekend)
  • Plastic Bags

Did not get to

  • New Scoreboard
  • Tshirt
  • Intramural
  • Earth Fest
  • Bake Sale



  • Anasha Cummings: Junior in Design, Innovation, and Society. I chair the Student Sustainability Task force right now. We are working on lots of fun projects. I used to be the president of EcoLogic and want to be more involved again this semester. I am excited about Power Shift 2011 and also really want to see the recycling center get off of the ground. Over the winter break I was working on the Troy Refresh project as part of my effort to help downtown troy and also to get more invovled in the local community.
  • Marc Latou: Senior in Computer Science, VP-Campus Action for Ecologic, involved in lots of other stuff, like UPAC Cinema, Ballroom (Swing) dance, ANS, IEEE, RPISEC. I'm currently leading the Zero Waste Center project.
  • Jay Walker: Junior, Biochem/Biophysics and Economics but I'm deciding to go into Economics. I'm President of EcoLogic, Recycling Coordinator for the SSTF, on Pep Band, Chair of the Budgeting Committee of the Eboard and recently I've been playing a crap ton of board games mainly Agricola.
  • Elizabeth Anderson: Freshman Archie in Vasudha (I kind of run our meetings with a couple others). I have work-study and that and Vasudha and now this are enough activites for an archie. I'm really excited to be secretary of Ecologic now, though. All this environmental stuff is very interesting. Oh, cool, I can relax tonight!!
  • Deborah Kraft- Sophomore Geology major, involved with Ecologic, SSTF, Terra Cafe, and Rensselaer Outing Club. Working on a URP in a metamorphic petrology lab and working part time at Ecovative Design!
  • Jennifer Spartz: Sophomore Physics major, involved with Ecologic, SSTF and SPS
  • Kane Hadley: Senior Computer Science/Computer Systems Engineering dual major. I am the voice of the unaware and uneducated masses that need to be convinced.

Zero Waste Center

  • Reusing plastic bags
  • Places to collect and distribute bags
  • Plastic bags need to be clean and not torn
  • Collection places
    • Residence halls
    • EEC
  • Distribution places
    • RCCS
    • Sodexo
    • Bookstore (maybe)
  • Collection and distribution places should be separate (hope I can plagiarize here) oops I do *Poster about the recycling
    • Bags absolutely cannot be torn or dirty
    • We need bins
    • Students will bring their plastic bags to their RDs
    • We need to talk to the RDs

Pack the Union

  • We have a place with electricity
  • We need people to work the
  • Stuff we have/need
    • Poster
    • Slideshow


  • Our e-board representative was upset because she found an appeal from last year and thought that it was from this year
  • She also thought that we didn't go through the budget with her, but we did
  • She cut our budget because she didn't think that we went through it with her

Bake Sale

  • Vegan bake sale to raise money for green roof
  • We need to reserve a table for this
  • To reserve a table we need to get times people can table
  • Going to send out whenisgood
  • We should have the bake sale during finals week (super effective) -Lydia


  • Jay is going to tell other env club officers about the list

To Do

  • Get in contact with RDs (Jay)
    • What should we collect bags in?
      • Cardboard boxes
      • Purchased containers
  • Email Lydia about poster needs (Marc)
  • Poster (Lydia)
  • Send out when is goods (Jay)
  • Go to Pack the Union (everyone)
  • Tell other club officers about ecotalk
  • Email bag distribution locations
    • What form do they want the bags in?
    • Where do they want us to bring the bags to?