Ecologic Meeting February 21, 2012

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  • ESW Presentation
  • Sustainable food guide


  • They meet Tuesdays at 4
  • Trying to build a sustainable society in Brazil
  • They were in the Poly a few weeks ago
  • Project in Haiti
  • Trying to get a biodigestor on campus
  • General Body Meetings--planning Haiti project, other projects like Exploing Engineering Day
    • Projects meet separately


  • Whether Americans or all of Western culture consume a lot
  • Americans do consume a lot
  • US-land ownership
  • American Dream=consumption
  • Overworked people buy more to make them feel happier/save time/makethem seem better
  • Last thing you bought and why?
    • Clothes, because of fashions
    • Videogame
    • Food, because we have to eat, or for community at events
  • Cultural norms, weddings, biggest day of a girls' life so important to be perfect
  • More societal pressures on women
  • Clothes also a way to express ourselves
  • Events at Commons and so forth
  • Difference between different products
  • China
    • Jay thinks they have more disposable things
    • Ads
    • Becoming more Americanized/Globalized
  • Israel
    • Lot less materialistic than America
    • Value money less than Americans
      • Not as obsessed with jobs, means to make a living rather than life's purpose
  • US
    • Riding a bicycle=too poor to ride a car
    • Cultural ideas that you have to have certain things
  • Solutions!
    • Cultural changes
    • People asking themselves whether they need something, and why, instead of just thinking about affordability
    • People like to do what they want
    • People value the wrong things
    • Getting rid of the stigma of used goods

Sustainability Food Guide

  • Next week


  • Elizabeth
  • Sarah
  • Jay
  • Zack
  • Tyler
  • Marissa