Ecologic Meeting February 3, 2014

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Meeting Minutes

  • Attendance: Elizabeth, Jesse, Diana, Natalie, Sherese, Marissa, Alex, Alex (yes, two), Sarah
  • Earthfest
    • Patio is reserved for 12-6 on Earth Day (or for rain date)
    • Vegan smoothies, tye die, recycled notebooks, paint a pot pot a plant
    • Everything is free
    • We could ask for donations
    • If clubs want to sell anything/fundraiser, need to tell Elizabeth beforehand
    • If you know any clubs that'd be interested, invite them to join
  • Ecologic could help get goats to families
  • Ecologic could help collect cans on campus for $$ and sustainability
  • Organizations to contact for EarthFest:
    • Troy bike rescue
    • Sanctuary for independent media
    • troy compost
    • CDCG
    • Collard City Growers
    • Honest Weight Food Co Op
    • X's to O's
    • Uncle Sam's
  • Clubs to contact:
    • SSTF
    • ESW
    • EWB
    • Terra Cafe
    • REV
    • RSA
    • Hey Red Go Green
    • SEP
    • Vasudha
    • SFC
    • Habitat for Humanity
  • Living machine is Sustainability Education's now
  • EEC
    • We're getting kicked out, since it's a temporary space
    • We could pursue getting an unused classroom in Sage
    • We could just get a closet and meet elsewhere in the Union
  • T-shirts
    • Ordering t-shirts
    • Fill out google doc to order one

Elizabeth's to-do list:

  • Make a google doc to send out to clubs
  • Ask Jean about using outside organizations/letting them sell things