Ecologic Meeting February 5, 2009

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This week's meeting run by Britney

Ice Breaker

What would you like to see happen during Earth Week?

  • Anonymous survey to figure out your carbon footprint, relate it to your location at home
  • Scavenger hunt, picking up trash but looking for specific things, such as recyclable or compostable items
  • Dumpster Dive
  • Face the Waste
  • Green Drinks
  • Have Thunder Mountain Curry, or vegan food
  • Solar cooker
  • Cookies made in the solar cooker
  • Organic food samples; organic taste tests
  • Replace light bulbs in residence halls with more efficient ones; light bulb companies sponsor it, and recycled the old ones
    • would have to clear it with res. life
  • make pins(to distribute or to use as advertising)
  • UPAC – show an environmental movie
  • Article in the poly
  • Environmental career fair
    • discussion based instead of booths set up
  • Waste Audit (to discover the reason people are wasting food)
  • Create and distribute descriptions of environmental clubs, possibly through a pamphlet

Poster Making

Made posters for EcoHall Challenge, Earth Week, advertising for the EEC/Ecologic, the Living Machine, etc.


RPI Freecycle site

  • You can post stuff you want to give away, and see what other people are giving away

Biodiesel project

  • Want to use waste from dining halls to make biodiesel, and use to fuel shuttles, etc.
  • Project has been started, but needs more work and funding
  • Looking for about 20 students who would be dedicated to the research involved

EEC Volunteers

  • If you would like to volunteer hours in the EEC, there is a signup sheet on the EEC bulletin board(near the bookshelves)
  • There will be a list of possible chores you can do while there, such as watering the plants or checking on the living machine.

Terra Café Earth Week Challenge Kick-off event

  • On the Friday before Earth Week (April 17th), the Terra Cafe will have a kick-off event in Mother’s with food, and possibly educational activities such as trivia
  • Tentative time is 8-10pm

Breakout groups