Ecologic Meeting February 5, 2013

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  • Icebreaker: what made you an environmentalist/interested in the environment?


  • Updates
    • EarthFest
      • tables, space are reserved
    • Solar Oven
      • Elizabeth is going to check prices at Pfeils within the next couple of weeks
      • Need BOXES!!
    • This week:
      • Limits to Growth talk at U-Albany
      • Composting meeting in downtown Troy [1]
      • TBR Ladies Night trip on Thursday
        • Meet in Union at 5pm to take 5:19 80 bus (sadly, we'll have to walk down the hill)
  • New Business
    • Renn-cycle in EEC?
    • Bring computer for wiki workshop next week
    • Garbage Warrior: watching on the Thursday (21st) the week after--no Tuesday meeting that week
      • More plans next week, need to check Vasudha lounge availability


  • Discussion: Greenwashing
    • Possibly watch this video: [2]
    • 10 worst products for greenwashing [3]
    • Greenwashing article [4]
    • Natural gas ad: [5]
    • Navigating the Green Tide [6]
    • Seven Sins of Greenwashing [7]
    • [8]


  • Why did you get involved in Environmental things?
  • weR and EWB Interested in Earthfest
  • Solar oven
    • Troy hardware store approved
    • Still need supplies for the solar Oven
  • Composting meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, from 6-8pm
  • Renscycle: STSF normally does it, but they aren't planning on doing it anymore
    • Do we want to do it this year instead? Sure
    • Where should we store everything?
      • Push chairs/tables/cushions over
    • How do we collect things?
    • When and where should we give things out?
      • Worry about people taking stuff that shouldn't be taken
      • Have people table
    • What happened to the leftover stuff last year?
      • Nikki is going to ask Shwetha
  • Garbage Warrior: Wednesday Feb, 20th or Thursday Feb 21st
  • Potential Music for Earthfest: Ground Zero or WRPI?
    • How busy is that day in terms of GM week event?
    • Ground Zero is first choice (live music?)
      • Nikki will contact them
  • Green Washing


  • Jenn
  • Nikki
  • Elizabeth
  • Marissa
  • Diana
  • Jesse