Ecologic Meeting February 7, 2012

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What do people want

  • Is our main problem putting the word out?
  • We do stuff just not the same kind of stuff you're looking for
  • EcoLogic - Environmental cultural club


  • Pack the Union
  • Wed. Speaker
  • Fair Farm Bill
  • Film series 2/12


  • Subcommittees?
  • How to recruit vasudha
    • What do they want?
    • How can we reach out to them
    • How do we motivate people?
    • Vasudha council meeting after sstf
    • What meetings should we have in the vasudha lounge
  • Reaching out to other clubs
    • What do we have to offer them?
    • What do they have to offer us?
  • Reaching out to professors/Sustainability Studies majors
    • Kim Fortun
    • How can professors be involved?
  • Calendar - present the calendar (go through google calendat)
  • Physical advertisement/strategy
    • Postering
    • Union panel
    • Painting a mural (spring)
    • Bring your friends back (explain it as hanging out)

What do we do already?

  • Elizabeth: we do fun events--apple picking, Gorge trips, have discussions, watch movies
  • Sarah: we do fun events, have a cool club area
    • More events
  • Jen S.: we go on trips, fun discussions (you can learn more)
  • Chauncey: has bad timing as to when he comes to meetings
    • Jay will let him know when the good meetings and events are
  • Shwetha: social conglomeration of people who are interested in environmental things
    • we should do more arts and crafts
  • Jen H.: most of the stuff has been said
    • more information here, like books
  • Jay: we went to DFWI last year
    • we should get more involved in activism stuff, could have syllabi for sustainability courses, more books
  • Zack: be the center hub of environmental related stuff
    • have better relations with Vasudha and STS professors
  • tell people about recycling, where people can receycle stuff
  • call in: we will discuss it more on the facebook group
  • this weekend is Brunswick
  • ESW will be joining us at some meetings, to get closer to each other
  • Last weekend of February--maybe delve into Ecologic history
    • Maybe also ask alumni about
    • also, we talk about Ecologic being the oldest environmental club at RPI, maybe we can find more stuff, make a timeline

Vasudha and other clubs

  • Need more networking
  • EarthFest
    • Paint a pot pot a plant
    • Elizabeth needs to contact RSA
  • Have officers of different environmental clubs meet every so often
  • Go to a movie, then ice cream afterwards
  • Put up more posters, get more attention, advertise, talk to Atsushi about promoting us
  • Goal: bring one friend (not already in Ecologic) to Brunswick and then to the meeting on Tuesday

Professors and Sust. Studies major

  • Having course books here in the EEC
  • Having professors talk about videos we watch in Ecologic
  • Getting extra credit for watching videos in Ecologic
  • Having a social event
  • Plugging major and minor more, be experts in it
  • Go through Kim and Abby


  • Elizabeth
  • Zack
  • Jen H.
  • Jen S.
  • Shwetha
  • Sarah
  • Chauncey
  • Jay