Ecologic Meeting February 8, 2011

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  • Old business (to dos check in)
    • Jay: Contacting RDs, whenisgoods, ecotalk spreading, pack the union
    • Lydia + Marc: poster?
    • Marc: RCCS and Sodexo emails (Deborah?)
    • Nikki: Tshirt
      • Is there a volume discount on the number of shirts you order? The Board does not usually support purchasing t-shirt before they are sold because we do not want shirts to get stockpiled and a loss of money to occur. Would buying just $25 be a better idea? Feel free to disagree.
  • Poly article
  • Intramural?
  • Power Shift (Kaori)
  • STS movie series
    • Env. engineering cosponsors
    • One thursday each month
    • Email announcment needed
    • Poster done
  • Earth fest
    • What have we done in the past?
    • What is our goal for this?
  • Vegan bake sale

Old business

  • Jay
    • Contacted his RD and asked how best to contact other RDs
    • Pack the Union
  • Kaori
    • Someone needs to write an article
    • Jay will write one about the book he read during the break


  • 3-day convention where people get to go to workshops
  • On the last day, people get to lobby congressmen
  • Getting to talk to congressmen
  • You get to meet all sorts of people
  • April 15-18th
  • Petition
  • Raising money

STS Movie Series

  • Three movies
  • People in certain classes
    • Cosponsers-ESW, Terra Cafe, Ecologic, SSTF
  • Ways to spread the word
    • Someone could create a facebook event
    • Morning Mail
    • Something in the Poly
    • Professors could tell their classes

Earth Fest

  • What is Earthfest?
  • Previous years
    • Paint-a-plant-pot-a-plant
    • Tie-dye
    • Solar smoothies
    • Farmers market sampler
    • Music
    • Organizations
    • Trivia
  • Purpose
    • Celebrate Earth Day/Earth Week
  • We should get the word out more
    • We need a good purpose

Ecohall Cahallenge

  • RSA
    • Group of students from each dorm that try to make the dorm more awesome
  • Ecohall challenge (Hey Red, Go Green)

Vegan Bake Sale

  • Making baked goods
    • Finding time (we need to reserve a table)
    • Jay will send out a whenisgood

King Corn

  • Get food
  • Talk about it in two weeks

Bike Rescue

  • Mondays and Wednesdays
    • Email Marc if you wnat to go
    • Work on bikes
    • After three hours, people can choose a bike to work on and get for themselves

Next Meeting

  • Updates
  • Postering

To Do

  • Meet with Sodexo about plastic bags (Marc and Deborah)
  • Poly Articles (Jay, Shwetha is up next)
  • Contact Vasudha about ecotalk (Jay)
  • Contact profs about ecotalk (Jay)
  • Email spitz about proposal (Jay and Nikki)
  • Ebaord meeting to discuss tshirt proposal (Jay and Nikki)
  • Followup with RDs for plastic bag collection
  • STS Movie series
    • Find out what we need to do as cosponsors(Jay)
    • Find speakers (Jay)
    • Facebook event (Zac)
    • Find list of sustainability professors (Jay)
    • Contact some professors (Shwetha)
    • Figure out how to advertise with morning mail (Kaori)
    • Find out how to use the poly to advertise (Jen+Jamie)
    • Concerto Ad (Lydia)
      • We have to send her info to put in the ad (Jay)
    • Send out when is good about vegan bake sale (Jay)