Ecologic Meeting February 9, 2015

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  • Need a new secretary!
  • Moving to 87 gym sometime this semester- anyone interested in a tour first?
  • Set a date for EarthFest
  • Start assigning jobs for EarthFest (i.e. shopping, setting up, club contact/outreach)
  • Whatever else comes up!

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Diana, Kyle, Kurel, Alex, Natalie, Fiona, Sarah

  • Kyle is new secretary
  • Fiona, Kyle, Sarah interested in tour


  • April 24th 10-3
  • Raindate: Friday after


  • Fiona- set up
  • Alex- shopping
  • Club contact- set up a list
  • Natalie free all friday
  • Natalie is setting up a smoothie bike with Vasudha