Ecologic Meeting January 22, 2009

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This week’s meeting was planned and run by Tara


Brainstormed for fun Ecologic Activities

  • Some ideas included a plant swap, working on the Living Machine, and working on the setup for electronics recycling


Filing Cabinets

  • Carried up the two filing cabinets
  • Organized and looked through the information



  • There is a winterfest this Saturday in Grafton, if anyone is interested you can send a message to the discussion list

EcoHall Challenge

  • For anyone interested in helping with the planning of the EcoHall Challenge, there is a meeting with RHA on Sunday at 7:30 in Mothers.

Power Shift 2009

  • Discounted prices for registration has been extended until February 1, so if you would still like to register for Power Shift 2009 contact Anasha(
  • For those attending, send your RIN and the classes you will be missing to Anasha so you can get an excused absence.