Ecologic Meeting January 23, 2008

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Semester Ahead

Meeting structure, sometime's it's just talking; not really fun activities. Perhaps talk and then do an activity; activities could include:

  • roundtable discussion
    • Really opens up an opportunity to talk to other clubs
  • speakers (there's a lot of really good local folks)
  • short project
  • discussing a really good book
  • talking about a major event
  • Short Movie
  • Sam visited Wesleyan:
  1. start with speaker
  2. split up into groups
  3. debrief to everyone not in the groups
  4. groups would also have there own meetings outside
  5. They were completely non-heirarchical, a leader is selected for each meeting (our constitution doesn't even specify having a president)

Upcoming Events

  • EarthFest - We have to start planning this now
  • EcoHall Challenge

Other fun activities

Just activities to hang out, perhaps a hike

Career Fair

The CDC asked us to help out with the career fair, particularly recycling. We need 5 people or so, primarily right after the career fair at 5pm, breaking boxes and recycle things. We should probably put up a poster at the career fair to publicize ourselves.

Focus The Nation

There's a sustainability task force on campus (comprised of a variety of clubs/groups on campus). A large unified student voice is necessary to make an impact. This is the first event to do this. Monday: Movie Tuesday Band at night and a DJ (will include a Reggae band from New York City) Wednesday: all day conference style, a bunch of speakers. There will be lunch at Terra Café. Coming up with ideas to get this really moving. Here is some more information:


Competition where the whole campus tries to recycle (this is kind of to note the fact that the administration failing at recycling), but RPI has changed the union around and removed the trash cans from the end of each table.

Recycling off campus

It would be nice if there was a pamphlet on how to recycle off campus, and get it added to the off campus website.

Eco Hall Challenge

The Six purely freshmen dorms are going to compete for who reduces there energy usage the most. This was done last spring, just during the month of April. Results were pretty spectacular last year. At the end Crockett won an ice cream party. Would like to get started this early this year and make it last longer. Should do this shortly after Focus The Nation to maintain the steam. Sam did the majority of work last year, but it would be good to get someone who's not graduating this year. (note also, good for interviews). It's really just updating the posters on the doors of each dorm. More information to come via emails and start planning next meeting.

Next step is to try and get the rest of the dorms, but it would be difficult because some of the dorms are linked together or with other buildings (e.g. Nason is on the same meter as Commons) Maybe even later get Frats fighting with each other.

EEC Hours

We need to be able to get people to volunteer to hang out in the EEC. It's easy, and you can do work while your at the EEC.


We make recycled paper notebooks, and we just got a bunch of bindings, and then give them away. Perhaps give them out at Focus The Nation. This is another thing you could do at the EEC. Another thing is, bring the equipment to the concert for Focus The Nation and have people make them, themselves.

Community Service Representative

Yeah, we need one. You go to a meeting in the same building as student health every other Monday 7-8pm. Just say what Ecologic is doing and listen to what other services clubs.

Meeting Times

There will be an email and a wiki page, but it looks like Thursday.