Ecologic Meeting January 25, 2007

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  • Saw a pre-release of the newest Envirenss
  • Tom is going to need help with it this semester
  • Deadline for articles is February 3rd

If you have an idea for an article but aren't sure if it'll go into the next issue, do it anyway. Future issues will always need more articles.

Troy Food Co-op


  • Opening this October, on Congress Street
  • We want to help get the word out
  • $140 to buy in. $35/year membership fee ($30 for students). If you leave you get your $140 back. The details are fuzzy.
  • Troy Food Co-op Website
  • There's a meeting this Tuesday about elections for board members and whatnot.


  • Get a speaker (possibly Billy Best, the regional farm and food director) to give a talk on the environmental and other advantages of buying local food. Raise awareness based on a speaker.
  • Articles in Envirenss. One about someone coming to speak, and another about the new co-op in Troy.
  • A survey to gauge public opinion regarding what the community wants in terms of food at the co-op.
  • Advertise specifically to off-campus housing and frats. Talk to the Inter-Fraternity Council about frats.
  • Tom says the graphics design club would be willing to re-design their website.
  • Get them to give out food during Earth Week.
    • Free food samples during Family Weekend.
  • Try to get a delivery service to somewhere on campus, for online order and closer pick-up.
  • Get someone to write an editorial for the Poly.


  • Will there be parking?
    • Not really sure of the status.
  • Is it possible to buy only a part of a membership?
    • Not sure. Don't know about other types of discounts yet. Also, they may not adopt the model where you can work in the co-op for discounts.
  • Where's the nearest bus stop?
    • The 87 or the 90 is probably pretty close, but we should find out as the opening gets closer.

Climate Change March

  • Date: Saturday, April 14
  • Happening all over the country (we think)
  • Should collaborate with all groups planning on being involved.


  • Sustainability Report Card: C-
    • We should figure out how best to play this. Come up with specific recommendations, and a plan to make RPI better. Also, play off our competitive nature with other colleges.
  • We should put all the local food recipe submissions on the wiki, and eventually roll out a local food cookbook.
  • Elly's going to try to get an organic food cafe type place on campus