Ecologic Meeting January 27, 2014

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  • EarthFest date
  • Cleaning EEC
  • Other business:
    • T-shirts
    • Hey Red, Go Green involvement
    • Leadership next year
    • STS Earth Week
    • Joke/recycled gift exchange next week?
    • Bake sale this semester?
    • Reception this semester...maybe do w/ elections
      • Need to set election date

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Elizabeth, Sherese, Jesse, Diana, Marissa, Sarah, Fiona, Natalie

  • EarthFest date: during Earth Week. Need to talk to Kim Fortun. Let's get do it on Earth Day (April 22nd).
    • EarthFest possible time: 1-5, reserve for 12-6
    • Should make rain date and reserve patio for both that date and ideal date. Tuesday (Earth Day) and Friday (rain date)
    • Set-up would be 12-1. Preferably two people setting up
    • Talk to other environmental clubs/ community organizations to get involved
    • Music people, need to get them.
    • X's to O's Bakery cupcakes?
    • Worst case scenario, do it on saturday
  • Need to figure out who is going to be president
    • Would we have enough people to create any new positions?
    • Ideas for new positions:PR/Outreach, EEC coordinator, etc.
    • Current positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary
  • T-shirts: Organic cotton, order page on facebook group.
  • We can print stuff for EarthFest, if wanted
  • Hey Red, Go Green: we want to plan things together
    • Try to get involved with programs (i.e. energy reduction in dorms)
  • Bring gifts next week
  • Possible vegan bake sale this semester. Could donate to Troy Bike Rescue.