Ecologic Meeting January 29, 2009

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Ecologic Meeting Minutes January 29, 2009


This week’s meeting was run by Ciara

Ideas for greening campus

  • Mueller center - cloth towels instead of paper
  • Limiting amount of paper flyers allowed to be posted
  • Shorten gate near Ricketts to make it easier to bike onto campus
  • Check if things actually get recycled (possibly better labeled bins)
  •– in EEC, in exchange for recycled notebooks. Or in Fathers next to the product that’s packaging is being recycled
  • Trayless Tuesdays – on a smaller scale and optional; possibly with Vasudha first, or other environmental clubs
    • (go without trays in dining halls to conserve water(less washing) + food(less waste))
    • Make it “Trayless Everyday”
    • Could advertise through Tshirts + pins, write “Try Trayless” on trays, signs above tray stand
    • Schools that removed trays have seen 25-30% drop in food waste per person
    • Spread education before taking action

Advertising Ideas for Ecologic – how can we get the word out

  • Top 10 reasons to join ecologic
    • Bulletin board
    • Posters
  • Update bulletin board (upstairs in union)
    • Recycling on campus, in EEC
  • Host more fun events
    • Food
    • Solar barbeque
  • Banners (We have them, and need to put them somewhere)
  • Advertisements/logo on Concerto


Sodexo wants to have a opening dinner for the EcoHall challenge

  • Volunteers needed for running the floor
  • Waste food audit – volunteers for lunch and dinner to find out why students are throwing out food

Ecologic Calendar

  • On wiki [Main Page], can add to your own calendar
  • Or here

AWMA(Air and Waste Management Association(on google calendar)

  • Bringing in professionals to talk about environmental careers
  • February 19th, 2009 (during Ecologic meeting)

Compost Modern

  • [Compost Modern] is a bi-annual conference on sustainable design in San Francisco
  • Webcast, $60 for a group, we can possibly get it broadcast campus-wide or have it be shown as an event somewhere
  • Saturday February 21st, available online for a few days after

Breakout Groups

  • Outreach/Envirenss
  • EcoHall challenge
  • Earthweek