Ecologic Meeting January 29, 2013

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  • Icebreaker: obscure or weird environmental fact that you know
  • Yay! Recycling
  • How can we get the Zero Waste Center going again?
  • Old business
    • Pack the Union
      • Who will be there?
    • Composting update
    • EarthFest--Union patio as usual?
  • New Business


  • Does everyone recycle?
    • yes everyone does
    • don't just recycle, but try to reuse as well
    • renncycle?
  • Zero Waste Center, do we want to restart it?
    • Organize the space to set up Zero Waste Center
    • Zero Waste Center: take objects that are not easy to recycle, but can be recycled at a specific location
  • Who can go to Pack the Union:
    • Elizabeth
    • Jenn
    • Nikki
  • Troy is trying to start a composting initiative, want RPI students to help out
  • EarthFest 2.0 bigger and better than before!
    • keep EarthFest outside the Union, more space, less in the way.
    • EarthFest: Friday, April 12th 12-4
  • Solar Oven meeting is Thursday January 31st at 7
    • We can switch off Oven and Bikes on Thursdays
    • STS Earth Week 2013, perhaps have a vegan bakesale
  • Movie nights: "Gods Must be Crazy" and earth ship houses
  • Gorge trip when its warmer out?


  • Elizabeth
  • Jenn
  • Jesse
  • Nikki
  • Jenny
  • Marissa
  • Ryan


  • Email Jean re: being able to get into room on Saturday (Elizabeth)
  • Reserve EarthFest space (Elizabeth)
  • Email Kim re: Earth Week 2013 events and sustainability people (Elizabeth)