Ecologic Meeting March 06, 2008

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Earth Day Planning

  • Dumpster Diving
  • Paint a Pot, Pot a Plant
  • Smoothies
  • Solar Cooking ? (Last year it was hard to cook because there wasn't much sun)
  • Tour of the VCC Solar
  • Astronomy club could do stuff
  • Lots of good food
    • Strawberry Soup People
    • Vegan Creations
  • Information table
    • Global Warming: The real story
  • Something attention grabbing
    • Tree boxing a smoke stack
  • Something with Outing Club

Dump & Run Meeting

Bev met with someone from res life to discuss how to collect everything that people would be throwing out but doesn't need to be at the end of the semester.

Will be for all the residences, and will try to get info to people living off campus. Worried there will be so much stuff that we can't handle it.

Going to need man power and a box to put stuff in.

Have environmental groups, Frats, Cynthia, Women's Shelter, Joseph's House, Food Bank...

What if first few days stuff is open for students and then cheap yard sale for the greater community.