Ecologic Meeting March 15, 2007

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General Points

  • Dimple Patel is doing a public service internship for the citizens environmental coalition
    • She's looking for ideas for "theme gifts" to give to the big list of polluting companies and make it a publicity deal.

  • Northeast student climate conference
    • Nat has a car in case anyone's interested
    • His email is

  • Student summit of the environmental consortium @ NYU
    • Just a 3 hour dinner, so probably not that interesting

  • Eco-dorm competition starts April 2nd
    • Need to finish the door hangers
      • Try using the laser cutter to cut them all out at once

  • Sustainability Movement meeting
    • A group of faculty is finding and unifying all efforts in sustainability across the campus
    • Scheduled for Thursday 22 March 4:00-6:00 p.m. in 318 DCC.

  • Elly's local and organic food cafe to open soon
    • Open one day a week, probably in Mothers in the Union
    • {more to come}

  • We need to find out how to mount the sensor suite onto the PV tracker

Bart Woodstrup's Stuff

Bart talked about a number of things

  • Email -

  • RPI tech park has a bunch of wind/solar stuff, as well as sensors and data from all over the country
    • There's no visualization, and Bart wants to use the data for a thesis proposal
    • At a future meeting, he's going to show us some proposals, get our feedback, and hopefully we can contribute ideas to the effort
  • Art exhibit of Bart's environmentally-inspired work
    • The last Friday of every month in the Fulton Street gallery, across the street from Shalimar

  • Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI)
    • Good information resource - CLUI Website
    • Political and environmental uses of land
    • 51 Third Street, across the street from the Daily Grind

  • EMPAC sculpture projects
    • One idea involves using wood from the underbrush around the groves near EMPAC as environmentally friendly building material that also raise important issues