Ecologic Meeting March 17, 2014

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  • EarthFest
  • Hey Red Go Green!
  • social media
  • social events

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Elizabeth, Diana, Alex, Fiona, Natalie, Alex, Marissa, Jesse, Sarah

  • EarthFest
    • Have 25 tables signed up, may need clubs to double up
    • Need to contact outside organizations
      • Everyone should send an e-mail one organization
  • T-shirts
    • Alex has found a few places with organic cotton
    • Need to figure out how to order them w/ Jesse and Alex
    • Need a quote, people will sign charge sheets
    • Look out for an e-mail, it will be time sensitive
  • Hey Red Go Green
    • Looking for scale
    • Should try to incorporate into GM Week
    • Alex will keep us updated
    • If want to help in general, come to meetings on Thursday, 7 p.m.
  • Social media
    • Smartphones
      • GroupMe: Like a text message but with the whole group, need a rule for no spamming