Ecologic Meeting March 20, 2008

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EarthWeek Meeting

We came up with more ideas, and assigned it to people

More Ideas

  • Face The Waste (Installations around campus showing recycled stuff and what can become of it. Have a sign up so that if someone guesses the amount of recycling materials, they can win one of the products, the rest are donated) (RPI Administration)
  • At least 2 dumpster dives (Megan?)
  • Get RPI TV to get people saying stuff on video
  • Weigh the Waste (Weigh the food that's being thrown away in dining halls) (Jackie or Sodexho ? )
  • Litter Pluck (Pick up trash around RPI; helps community growth; Potential funding from Troy Student Housing)
  • Mark wants to get a presentation about public transportation and getting deals with RPI
  • Community Gardens (an organization in the Capital region that helps people do gardening)
  • Collaboration with other groups
  • Navigating the Farmers Market - Invite people from the RPI community to come down with us to the farmer's Market (Bev)
  • Get the Honest Weight Food Co-op on campus (Ben)
    • Blind Taste test
  • Plant Plants in Coffee Cups from Dumpster Dives
  • Movies
    • The Story Of Stuff (only 20 minutes)
    • Whole bunch of documentaries in library
  • Linda talk about carbon credits

Assigned stuff from last meeting

  • Smoothies (Saadia)

More Bodies

We need more bodies to do stuff

Other Stuff

There was also a bunch of discussion, mostly about alarmism.