Ecologic Meeting March 22, 2007

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EEC News

  • We want to start pulling together a list of EEC open hours.
    • Holden is pretty much the new EEC guy, so he'll need to know who can volunteer when.
    • Check the wiki for an EEC open hours page, to coordinate who can stay in the EEC at what times.
  • Holden has been cleaning up and getting rid of old magazines
  • There's a bunch of random things that we don't want to throw out, but we probably should go through them at some point to decide what's just junk
  • Holden has also been looking for documents and trying to find people regarding how to fix the Living Machine
  • We'll try to fix the computers at some point, and probably find a good cause to donate one or both to


There is a group traveling the country in a vegetable oil-powered bus. They'll be in the NY area in the next few weeks, and Sam is going to check to see what it'd take to get them to swing by beautiful down-town Troy.

EcoDorm Competition

  • We have to change the name, because apparently we live in "residence halls" and not "dorms"
  • The new name is the "Eco-Hall Challenge"
    • Posters, door-hangers, notes, and the wiki will all need to be updated
  • Sunday, April 1st Ecologic will set up a table in the commons lobby to inform the freshmen
    • do we need to get approval for this?
  • We need to make a whole bunch of recycled notebooks to give out
  • Elly is going to try to bring yummy eco-friendly food
  • And of course we'll need people to stay with the table
  • The competition will run April 2 through May 2

Renewable Energy Kiosk

  • This Saturday at 9am we're going to be doing outdoor stuff on the photovoltaic tracker
  • There's going to be a bunch of cool things that'll get done Saturday, so we're looking for a good turnout
  • Also, we're still having Renewable Energy Kiosk meetings at 9am on Tuesdays!