Ecologic Meeting March 24, 2014

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  • EarthFest schedule
  • Todos for EarthFest
    • Talk to X's to O's
    • Contact outside organizations
    • Get electricity and ice and cups
    • Plan trips to buy stuff
    • Poly article
    • Break-down for money and send to Jean + Cameron
  • T-shirt update
  • Schedule for rest of Elizabeth's term:
    • March 31: Update on EarthFest and other projects/events
    • April 7: Something Fun
    • April 14: EarthFest stuff
    • April 21: meeting only if necessary; probably buy food
    • April 28: elections
  • Troy Night Out on Friday again?
  • Any other updates

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Natalie, Sarah, Marissa, Diana, Alex, Carlos, Jesse, Nate

  • EarthFest schedule
    • Non perishables a week before
    • Perishables night before
    • Need at least one person at noon on Tuesday
    • Have 25 tables reserved
  • Need to figure out how much the food will cost
    • E-mail to Jean and other people related to money things
  • To-Do EarthFest
    • Need to get X's to O's to sign form
    • Uncle Sams is a pre-approved store
    • Need to contact outside organizations on spreadsheet
    • We don't need ice
    • Electricity from the Union
  • Poly Article
    • Somebody who is not Elizabeth needs to write it; probably Diana
  • T-shirts
    • Need to find out price
    • Need to confirm everyone who is signed up still wants a shirt
  • Fun thing: Natalie showing how to make wallets
    • Need to buy scotch tape
  • End of semester dinner